Tear Trough Filler Treatment for Under Eye Hollows: Do You Really Need it?

Are you tired of seeing those dark hollow circles around your eyes? No matter how many things you’ve tried to reduce their appearance with concealer, those under-eye circles are quite stubborn. This is particularly true if your hollows are genetic. The good news, however, is that they can be easily treated by injecting dermal fillers.

The under-eye area is often the main cause of concern for many, as it drastically affects the whole appearance of the face. The tear trough treatment has recently gained popularity particularly because the procedure is nonsurgical and noninvasive!

However, it is a risky procedure since the tear trough is near your eyes, which is why only an advanced aesthetic practitioner should perform it. If you are looking to get tear trough fillers in London, then our staff can help you with any questions or concerns you may have about dermal fillers.

For those who are new to dermal fillers, they are injected under the skin of the face to reduce under-eye hollows and promote smoother and younger-looking skin. So, put down that under-eye concealer and read on to learn more about the treatment and how it can help you:

Tear Troughs: What Are They?

The hollows between your cheeks and the lower eyelid are tear troughs. The deeper the hollowed area, the more it gives the appearance of puffiness and tiredness. Under-eye circles are a major aesthetic concern for many people.

No matter how well you sleep or how balanced your diet is, tear troughs are often genetic. It is also not a sign of aging in many cases; even teenagers experience this problem. Tear trough fillers are an effective way of treating it and eliminating the appearance of the hollows.

How Can Tear Trough Help?

Tear trough injections can help reduce the appearance of tear troughs. Dermal fillers are injected directly in the hollow between the cheeks and eyelids to lift the tear trough that helps smoothen the area.

A dermal filler is a gel-like substance that the doctor will inject underneath your eyes to help your skin restore its lost volume and soften all the lines and creases. These fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid that is known for its ability to hold moisture and, as a result, leads to the appearance of hydrated skin.

Tear trough fillers are an effective and less invasive treatment for tear trough problems. There are numerous tear trough fillers before and after pictures showing a major difference, particularly in the case of tear trough deformity.

Is The Treatment Suitable for You?

Under-eye hollows can occur due to multiple reasons. To make sure this treatment works for you, it is essential to determine the cause of your under-eye circles.

Here is an important thing you should know: if the cause of your dark circles is a vascular or pigment issue, then injecting dermal fillers won’t help. However, if there is a lack of volume underneath your eyes, then tear trough can do wonders.

As you grow older, your fat starts losing fat, which creates a hollow appearance under the eyes. Young individuals may also be born with deep bags and dark circles under the eyes, and if you are one of them, then this treatment is ideal for you.

However, we don’t recommend this treatment to women who are breastfeeding or pregnant to avoid any potential complications.

Whether you want to get tear trough fillers in Belsize Park, West Hampstead, or other areas like Harley Street, make sure to consult an advanced aesthetic practitioner to get more information and to make sure the treatment is done properly without any complications.

What to Expect from the Tear Trough Filler-Under Eye Treatment?

Firstly, your doctor will discuss your concerns during a consultation. After determining the root cause of the issues and your expectations, a holistic approach will be suggested. The price of tear trough fillers is mostly dependant on the treatment plan.

The procedure for tear trough fillers in Hampstead is safe when performed by the right hands of a qualified doctor.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Getting tear trough under eye fillers is mostly a painless procedure and is more comfortable than Botox injections. Many doctors apply a numbing cream to make the entire process easier for their patients, especially if their skin is sensitive.  Once you get over the hesitation of getting a needle so close to your eye, the entire procedure will be quick.

What about Side Effects?

The risks of tear trough fillers are minimal.

The best part about the tear trough filler treatment is that it is nonsurgical, which means no hospital stays or much downtime. You might experience some bruising and puffiness around the eyes after the treatment, but it is normal since the area around the eye is sensitive.

Swelling subsides two days after the treatment. In rare cases, it takes around five days for the puffiness to disappear. However, bruising may take a week or two to improve in some cases.

A few patients have experienced major side effects like infections or allergic reactions, but that mostly happens when less experienced doctors conduct the procedure.

Are They Long Lasting?

The result from the tear trough filler treatment typically lasts 12 to 18 months long. You will need to get follow up treatments after that to maintain the smoothness of the area. Your doctor will suggest the number of touchups you will need, depending on your situation.

Dermal fillers have become highly popular treatments for eliminating under-eye hollows and smoothing the under-eye area. The procedure is quick and leaves your skin looking rejuvenated and refreshed. Since it is a nonsurgical procedure, the results are completely natural.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced doctor to get tear trough fillers in West Hampstead, Belsize Park, Harley Street, or other areas, then feel free to get in touch with us and book your initial consultation today.

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