Dr Chike in The Daily Mail – Why does Adele’s face look SO different following her weight loss?

“Why does Adele’s face look SO different following her weight loss? Experts suggest wider eyes and higher eyebrows could be a sign of Botox, while a define jawline and cheek volume may indicate dermal fillers”

An aesthetic expert has revealed how Adele has a more defined and sculpted facial appearance following her reported seven stone weight loss, suggesting the possibility of a few subtle non-invasive tweakments.

Dr Chike Emeagi, Medical Director of Hampstead Aesthetics Clinic and Dr Chike Clinics, explained how you would expect the British singer, 32, to have more sagging skin post-weight loss, but says she has retained her cheek volume and define jawline, indicating the possible use of dermal fillers to restore facial volume loss.

The suggestions of possible non-invasive treatments come after Adele told Time back in 2015: ‘I don’t want to have plastic surgery. I’m going to look like this forever. Deal with it. Once you deal with it, you feel more calm about it.’

Speaking to FEMAIL, Dr Chike said: ‘She appears healthy and radiant. The results of her weight loss programme has given her a svelte frame and clearly a more defined and sculpted facial appearance.

‘Post weight loss, our clients especially in Adele’s age group tend to have non-invasive treatments to treat the effects of sagging skin and the resulting facial volume loss.

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